Sports equipment and accessories

sports equipment

In the field of sports equipment and accessories we have a long term cooperation with the national market leaders.

Because of this long term and trustful partnership we are state- of- the- art with these articles and we are offering best quality to you. Our team will assist you from first planning to realization.

We deliver the following equipment and accessories to you:

Ball Games Track&Field athletics
  • Ball games:- Badminton- Ball catching

    – Barriers

    – Basketball

    – Soccer/Football

    – Handball

    – Hockey

    – Cabins

    – Tennis

    – Volleyball

  • Track & field athletics- long jump

    – Discus throw

    – Hammer throw

    – Shot put

    – Hurdles

    – Fences

    – Running courses boundaries

    – Pole vault

    – High jump accessories

sports equipment and accessories ball games
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sports equipment and accessories for athletics
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